Prices & Delivery

I accept payment by bank transfer, cheque or cash


These are the prices for my cupcakes:
£2.00  for 1
£3.70  for 2
£7.00  for 4
£10.00  for 6
£19.00 for 12
For quantities greater than 12, the price is £1.50 per cupcake. For larger quantities, the rate can be negotiable depending on the size of the order.

Vegan Christmas Cakes:

My Christmas cakes can be custom decorated. The basic cost for a plain iced cake with red ribbon around the bottom is:
£40 for 23cm Round / 20cm Square Cake
£35 for 20cm Round / 18cm Square Cake
£30 for 18cm Round / 15cm Square Cake
My custom decorated cakes will cost an average £20 extra depending on your design.

They are egg free and use homemade apple puree instead of eggs. Our apple tree in our back garden gives us 80lb of fruit each year!

Wedding Cakes:

As wedding cakes are customised, please contact me to discuss requirements and prices.

Other Vegan Cakes:

Parkin – A cake found “up north” which is a sticky ginger cake £1.50 each. Minimum order quantity is 6.

Flapjack – Chocolate covered flapjack £1 each. Minimum order quantity is 6.

Gooey Chocolate Brownies (also choc orange) – £1.50 per slice or £12 for 9. One batch makes 9 brownies, so this would be the minimum order quantity.

Peanut Butter Parcels – Chocolate Cookie with a Peanut Butter centre £1.20 each. Minimum order quantity is 12



If you are located within 20 miles from Northwich, Cheshire, or Falkirk in Scotland, then I can deliver cakes for free. For a location outside that zone, I will charge 25p per mile. Alternatively you can collect from my house, I can meet you half way, or you can arrange your own courier if you are really far away. My cakes are packaged in a box to help protect them on their journey. I require a minimum order of 12 cupcakes to qualify for free delivery. Here is a map showing the rough radius of 20 miles from Northwich. Here is a map showing the rough radius of 20 miles from Falkirk