About Me

After working in accounts since leaving school and being made redundant in 2011, I decided it was time for a change and to get out of the office environment. I currently work part time as a care giver to the elderly which is very rewarding as well as being Captain Cakeman. After being born with a sweet tooth, I have always had a love for cakes and I enjoy baking, so I thought this was an option.

My ex sister-in-law and her husband are vegans and so cannot eat any dairy produce, all of which are traditionally used in baking a cake. So I have perfected some vegan cake recipes which they enjoy and I now find myself preferring these cakes as they are more moist than traditional sponge cakes.

After supplying cakes to a friends wedding, and then for a friends’ christening, I received much positive feedback about their looks and taste, and was always being told that I should become a professional baker.

I was also challenged to produce the cake for my ex sister-in-laws wedding. The challenge being that they were getting married in the heat of Las Vegas. It was quite difficult finding American ingredients to use and coping with the heat of Las Vegas. Luckily the icing stayed quite firm and it was a success.

My ex father-in-law is a coelliac, in which sufferers have an intolerance to gluten which is found in wheat, barley and rye. Spurred on by this, I am in the process of producing cakes that the growing numbers of coelliacs can eat. I will post updates on my News page

I live in Falkirk, Scotland and can deliver cakes to a 15 mile radius.