Mary 23/04/18 via Facebook:  Had the chocolate and raspberry and rose cupcakes last night… Best ever!!!! I especially liked the raspberry and Paul loved them both equally!! We have just had the brownies…….. OMG!  Best thing i have ever tasted!! You are amazing!!
Zoe 15/10/16 via Facebook: I was the lady who got a Rhubarb and Custard and a Rose and Raspberry cupcake off you today (I almost left my coffee behind). I just wanted to let you know that i have never tasted a better vegan cupcake in my life (and i have tasted many!) You are very talented and I will definitely be placing some orders with you in the future. Thank you!
Ben 28/07/16 via Facebook: I don’t know if you guys know, but I know that this guy makes the best Vegan brownie out there
Earth Angel 24/04/16 via Facebook: It was lovely to see Captain Cakeman cakes again they are deliciously devine!
Naomi 14/01/16 via Facebook: Captain Cakeman’s cupcakes took pride of place at my daughter’s 21st birthday tea party. Thank you Paul, they were delicious and looked amazing!
@CoolJerkVegan 10/08/15 via Twitter: I salute @Captain_Cakeman and his crew of tasty cupcakes. I would have taken a photo but these were devoured upon delivery
Eva 08/08/15 via Twitter: Thanks for the awesome lemon cupcake today @Captain_Cakeman
Lesley 01/07/15 via facebook: We paced ourselves and didn’t finish the cupcakes until yesterday. I just wanted to let you know that they tasted every bit as good on the last day as they did on the first. Sign me up as your first customer once your mail order goes live!
Sybil 27/06/15 via Facebook: Thank you so much the cupcakes went down a treat everybody enjoyed them and Vicky my daughter absolutely loved them and was over the moon
Lesley 01/06/15 via facebook: We had the Turkish Delight and raspberry, parma violet and the mint and chocolate ( the lime ones were sold out). Without exception, they were bloody fabulous!!! Are you coming to the November NevFest? It’s Sunderland mind,not Newcastle. Wish you did mail order…
Branna 01/06/15 via facebook: I really enjoyed my two (carrot and I forget if it was lavendar or violet); delicious!
Kathryn 12/04/15 via facebook: Your cakes are so yummy was lovely talking to you
Lisa 11/04/15 via facebook: Was lovely to see you again in Liverpool. As always your cakes are yummy. You’ve nailed gluten and dairy free!!! X
Cheryl 30/12/14 via facebook: The cake was perfect! Went down a storm and the usual complainers who don’t like the dairy free/egg free stuff had no idea! I loved the fact I could do a completely safe party for noah as most of Christmas is spent chasing him round taking things off him. The shape and decoration were lovely. Couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you for you help x

Paul 09/09/14 via email: Just wanted to let you know that the cakes were excellent and well up to expectations. All went down well with both vegans and non-vegans. I particularly liked the lime/coconut ones, but unfortunately for me so did other people, so I didn’t get a second one. Oh well, I’ll know to order extra next time!

Paul 18/08/14 via email: My wife & I were very impressed with your cakes when we bought some at the LABL fair in Liverpool in April. It’s her birthday on September 3 and she wants a selection of your cakes instead of a birthday cake! Some others we bought from someone else there were very disappointing and we wished that we’d doubled up on yours instead!

James 11/08/14 via email: I would honestly say, its one of…no…THE best cup cake I have ever had! I think I might have two!! 

Amy 28/06/14 via Twitter: · they are absolutely delicious! Nick brought me one home yesterday, a rose one. The nicest cupcake I’ve tasted! x

Fiona 09/06/14 via email: “Myself and my partner saw you at the Manchester Vegan Fair. We tried the brownies and a cupcake and they were both delicious! My partner is a huge fan of brownies and said that yours were nicer than any he had before, and since, turning vegan!”

Margaret 08/06/14 via facebook: “Your cakes are awesome”

Gemma 07/06/14 via facebook: “Thanks so much for your cakes for our ladies evening for Elsie Ever After…you did a fab job and lots of lovely comments!!! Particular favourites were chocolate (loving the glitter too) and Lemberry!! We will definitely use you again for future events! :)”

Debbie 11/05/14 via facebook: “Yummy cakes yesterday. Lovely lemon and so beautifully decorated”

Lisa 12/04/14 via facebook: “Hiya my name’s Lisa and I visited your stall today at the LABL fair. I bought the rose cupcake and I have to tell you it was gorgeous! I know you said it was hard to combine both dairy and gluten free, but you’ve done a great job of that one!”

Hannah 12/04/14 via facebook: “Your vegan carrot cake cupcakes are INSANE! Can’t wait for my birthday when I can justify buying 30 of them! Lovely meeting you at LABL!”

Michelle 12/04/14 via facebook: “Cake were delicious, thank you. Especially enjoyed the tropical banana flavour.”

Katie 12/04/14 via facebook: “Your cakes are yummy we have nearly finished all of them”

Cheryl 12/04/14 via facebook: “Our baby had his first ever cupcake today thanks to you, as he’s allergic to dairy and eggs. He loved smearing his face in carrot cake and frosting… Some even made it into his mouth. Mum and Dad liked theirs too!”

Debbie 20/10/13 via facebook: “We had 8 of the cakes. Have eaten 2 so far. Utterly gorgeous ! Hope to see you at more vegan festivals!  x”

Daniel 19/10/13 via facebook: “Totally fell in love with your cupcakes today! Really hope to see you at more of the upcoming festivals” 

Aldine 12/05/13 via facebook: “Ordered 16 cup cakes for my fellas 28th birthday, they were so tasty we hardly offered them out and kept them for ourselves, we first tried them at the vegan fest in Manchester and were so impressed could not wait to have an excuse to place an order. I am vegan my fella is not but he prefers these cakes as they are yummier, the last one only lasted 2 days after the order before it was gobbled up but was still as fresh as the first day we got them. just wish we could have a birthday every week as an excuse to get more. the best cakes I have tasted, even better than ms cup cake in my opinion and that’s saying something. also just like to say what a lovely and friendly couple we wish them all the success for their business”

“The best vegan cupcakes I have ever had, and I’ve tried my fair share” – Senowa – Northern Vegan Festival 13/04/13

ponychops@captaincakeman 13/04/13 “they were so delicious! My boyfriend and mum couldn’t believe they were vegan” (from Northern Vegan Festival)